Located in Brooklyn, New York, Vicki Ades Photography Studios offers clients a range of photographic services. From parties to portraits to portfolios, Vicki captures images that showcase the vibrance and individuality of every subject.

Event Photography
Commercial Photography

Digital Collages – Offered Exclusively by Vicki Ades Studios
Video Slideshows
Marketing Media
Greeting Cards
Graphic Tees

Event Photography
Commemorate life’s most important events by capturing them on film. Graduations, anniversaries, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and birthdays; even children’s parties: these are just a few of the milestones you’ll want to relive—and Vicki’s vivid images will bring them back to life. View Gallery

In-studio or in the setting of your choice, Vicki uses her lens to reveal the special gifts of every subject she photographs. Make time stand still with portraits of your infant or child, showcase the beauty of a bride-to-be, capture tender moments between brother and sister, or preserve the blossoming love of a newlywed couple. Vicki captures each subject in his or her own natural element to create an organic and authentic image. View Gallery

Commercial Photography
Bring your professional work to life. Vicki renders retail products and services in their best light, creating marketing materials that attract clients and consumers. Use your shots in print advertisements, on the Web, or in lookbooks or portfolios. View Gallery

In addition to printed photographs and albums, Vicki Ades Photography Studios offers a variety of alternative media.

Digital Collages
Digital Collages incorporate a range of images onto a single large-scale canvas, ideal for display in your home or office. Vicki Ades Photography Studios is the only studio offering this attractive and cutting-edge display option. View Gallery

Video Slideshows
Video Slideshows bring pictures and videos to life, allowing clients to relive special events as they unfold. View Gallery

Personalize your website, business card, or resume with Headshots – a dynamic self-promotional tool in the business world.

Present prospective clients and employers with detailed photographic Portfolios of the products and services you offer. Designers, contractors, artists, event planners, and caterers can showcase their skill and versatility in a high-quality presentation of their best works.

Greeting Cards
Photographic Greeting Cards – with the option of personalized text and monogramming – give holiday cards a personal touch and offer a fun way to keep in touch with family and friends.

Graphic Tees
Graphic tees and hats are ideal as a whimsical gift idea or a savvy promotional tool.

From parties to portraits to portfolios, Vicki Ades Photography Studios turns life’s most important moments into images that will last a lifetime.

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